DPH-17-009 Radiologic Technology Act Regulations: RTCC Recommendations

Attention CALIFORNIA Radiologic Technologists. The Radiologic Health Branch of California has posted a notice for public comment on proposed Rulemaking , changes to The Radiologic Technology Act and Title 17. Proposed rule making concerning fluoroscopy is being evaluated. Individuals without fluoroscopic permits or RT licensure are to be considered to be able to move patients and C-arms during fluoroscopic imaging. (To position patients during fluoroscopic imaging.) This is of greatest concern in the Cath lab, IR, Hybrid surgical cases and the OR. Please respond to this notice that operating a C-Arm in AEC is not ALARA! For ALARA, fluoroscopic units need to be operated by setting proper technical factors, collimation, mag modes, pulse sequences , frame rates, and to use proper SID/ spatial relationships during procedures. California patients and staff working within the fluoroscopic suites deserve more and need to be protected from fluoroscopic units not operated in ALARA. This is why California requires all RT’s and licentiates operating units to have a fluoroscopy permit. ***Written comment period to the RHB will be accepted now until August 5, 2019.