Continuing Education Requirements for Certificate/Permit Renewal

The following continuing education credit information is provided by the Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) and was updated on February 2014. Please note that while CSRT strives to provide the most current information, CSRT is not the official resource or governing body for continuing education. Links to the official CE resources are provided below.

Important Resources

General Information

The continuing education (CE) credits and continuing experience required to renew permits and certificates in radiologic technology are specified in title 17, California Code of Regulation (17 CCR), section 30403.

An “approved continuing education credit” means 50 - 60 minutes of instruction received in subjects related to the application of X-ray to the human body and accepted for purposes of credentialing, assigning professional status or certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or any other professional organizations recognized by the RHB.

The certification renewal form mailed by the RHB will include space for documenting the approved CE credits earned. Each individual is required to maintain documents that evidence the completion of approved continuing education credits for four (4) years following the dates the credits were earned. These documents must be made available to the RHB upon request. [17 CCR 30403.8]

Rationale for CE Requirements

Certification and registration is a method of assuring the medical community and the public that an individual is qualified by knowledge and skills to practice within the profession. After initial certification and registration, advancing technology and changing job responsibilities may require technologists to update their knowledge and skills consistent with any new developments in medical imaging, radiation therapy, and interventional procedures.

The purpose of the CE Requirements is to provide a mechanism for Registered Technologists to fulfill their responsibility to maintain competence in their categories of certification and registration. Participation in CE demonstrates accountability to peers, physicians, healthcare facilities, and the public. It also reinforces the Code of Ethics jointly endorsed by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).

Certified Radiologic Technologist (CRT) CE Requirements

This section discusses CE requirements for diagnostic and therapeutic, CRTs. Mammographic CRTs have ADDITIONAL requirements which are discussed separately below.

CRTs need to earn twenty-four (24) Category A or A+ CE credits, four (4) of which shall be in digital radiography, in the two years immediately preceding the expiration date of their permit.

Per the ARRT, CE credits must be earned during the biennium that ends on the last date of the month preceding the individual's birth month. Technologists already certified and registered in a discipline who become certified and registered in additional disciplines maintain their original CE reporting schedule based upon their first certification and registration.

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) is a recognized credentialing body for continuing education activities and those activities pertaining to the application of X-ray of the human body will be acceptable to the RHB. The CSRT is a state Affiliate of the ASRT and provides ASRT-approved continuing education activities.

The RHB will accept the following advanced credential certificates issued by ARRT for 24 CE credits if the certificate was issued within the two years immediately preceding the expiration date of the certificate or permit:

  • Mammography**
  • Computerized Tomography
  • Quality Management
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Vascular-interventional Radiography
  • Cardiac-interventional Radiography
  • Radiologist Assistant
  • Radiation Therapy

Note: Issuance of a certificate through the State of California where a state examination was taken does not qualify for CE credits. However, training courses taken in preparation for these exams may be approved by one of the credentialing organizations listed above and therefore would qualify. Activities meeting the definition of an ‘approved academic course’ as defined by the ARRT may be awarded CE credit at the rate of 12 CE credits for each academic quarter credit or 16 CE credits for each academic semester credit. The ‘approved academic course’ must also pertain to the application of X-ray to the human body to qualify as a CE credit for California. For more information on acceptable classes, please visit the ARRT website at

Mammographic Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRT) – ADDITIONAL Requirements

Each person who has been issued a Mammographic CRT certificate must, in the two years immediately preceding the expiration date of the certificate, must earn 10 of the 24 Approved CE credits in mammography. [17 CCR 30403(a)(1)]

**The advanced credential certificate for mammography will meet the 10 CE credits specific to mammography requirement. The other advanced credentials will not meet this requirement, so additional CE credits will need to be earned specific to mammography.

Radiologic Technology Fluoroscopy (RTF) Permit ADDITIONAL Requirements

CRTs with a RTF permit are required to earn 24 approved continuing education credits; four of which are required to be in radiation safety for the clinical uses of fluoroscopy. [17 CCR 30403(a)(2)].

Limited Permit X-Ray Technicians (XT) – CE Requirements

Limited Permit X-Ray Technicians (XTs) must earn twenty-four (24) approved CE credits, in the two years immediately preceding the expiration date of their permit.

Limited Permit X-Ray Technicians (XTs) with digital authorization must earn four (4) of the twenty-four (24) CE credits in digital radiography. [17 CCR 30403(a)]

The Department will grant twenty-four (24) CE credits to XTs who have enrolled in an approved Radiologic Technology program and who have documented the completion of a minimum of six months coursework.

Documentation must include a letter from an authorized representative of the approved Radiologic Technology program. Additional documentation may also be required, such as official school transcripts. Be sure to include this information on your renewal application.

Completion of instruction in digital radiologic technology (to obtain digital authorization) in accordance with [17 CCR 30410(c)] is considered to be approved for 20 CE credits for purposes of renewing your permit. It is your responsibility to include these credits on your renewal application.