Meet Yaniv!

Yaniv is currently a senior intern at a hospital in San Francisco Bay area.  He currently attends City College of San Francisco, (CCSF) Diagnostic Medical Imaging (DMI) Program.  He has a degree in physiology from San Francisco State University.

He lives in San Francisco, in the Noe Valley neighborhood.  FUN FACT ALERT!  Did you know that St. Paul's Catholic Church, also known as Parroquia De San Pablo is a famous church located in Noe Valley. This church was used in the filming location for the movie Sister Act!

Certain personal experiences led Yaniv to the DMI field. He had injuries in the past that required x-rays and MRI’s.  Due to these experiences, he developed a deep interest and fascination in exploring medical imaging as a career.

Yaniv is a member of the CSRT because he wanted to be apart of the Radiology community in California.  He also wanted to be well informed about his future profession.  What’s his advice for students and technologists that aren’t members yet? He says, “by joining the CSRT, you become a well informed about your profession and current events that affect the field of medical imaging.”

During his time as a student x-ray technologist, he has encountered many patients.  One patient encounter deeply touched him.  He said, a patient came in for a routine CXR.  The nurse who accompanied him warned me he was moody and rude.  I came into the x-ray room to greet the patient and asked him how he was doing.  He responded by yelling back at me, “why does everyone have to ask that stupid question? How do you think I am doing?”  Yaniv goes saying that the patient started crying and told him he was dying.  Yaniv comforted the patient by putting his hand on his shoulder. After the exam was over, the patient told Yaniv how professional he was-despite his emotions.  He thanked him!

Yaniv, it is your dedication to patient care that makes our job important. Join Yaniv and be apart of the CSRT community.