Meet Leslie!

I work at UCSF Medical Center.

I've been a radiologic technologist practicing diagnostic imaging for three years.  After working in the IT field for many years, I wanted to make a career change to a field that would allow me to make a more meaningful contribution.  After exploring various professions within the medical field, I decided on radiography.  I saw it as a field that was interesting, included variety, provided opportunities for continued learning and growth, and would allow me to help others.

The images we produce are often a critical component in determining the best course of treatment for a patient, so doing my job well means I can effectively contribute to a patient's care.  Additionally, since patients are often in pain and/or fearful during a hospital stay, we have the opportunity to help put them at ease by treating them gently during imaging.

I live in Petaluma, which hosts the annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest, is the hometown of actress Winona Ryder, and sent a team to the 2012 Little League World Series (and won 3rd place!).

I joined CSRT because I believe it's important to be connected to others within my profession in order to stay informed, continue learning and to share ideas.  One of the most important benefits of CSRT is that it keeps members informed about legislative issues affecting our profession.  The organization also works diligently towards establishing high standards in radiography education and licensing.  As a consequence of this, patient safety is increased and the integrity of our profession is protected.