Meet Clark!

Since I am a company traveling lithotripsy technologist, I work in a variety of Hospitals in Northern California to Central CA as far north as Eureka and as far south as San Luis Obispo.

I am a CUI Certified lithotripsy technologist whose primary environment is the operating room of the various hospitals I go to.  I Use GE 9900 monitor and fluoroscope in conjunction with an F2 Stortz lithotripter.  The fluoroscope is used to find and target the kidney stones and to ensure they are in the blast path during the therapy.

During my tenure at school I decided that by combining all my previous education and licenses as an intercontinental relocation specialist and IT professional with a radiological technology degree would make me more marketable.   

I graduated with my radiologic technology degree in May 2011. I completed all licensure and registry in November 2011.  I have been working as a lithotripsy technologist for almost 2 years. 

I find my job interesting because it provides a challenge with each different patient. I like to target the stone and watch it during the therapy, hopefully turning the stone into fine powder, often referred to as fine sugar sand. After the therapy typically the patient is able to leave feeling relief from the pain caused by the kidney stone. 

I live in the mountains in a small town called Lakeport next to Clearlake the largest natural forming lake in CA. which is nestled next to an active volcano, Mount Konocti. There are many hot springs surrounding the area along with vineyards as far as the eye can see.  

I became a CSRT member to become a part of the legislative and educational process. I feel that through CSRT radiology technologists can promote patient health and safety by providing continuing education locally, help promoting higher wages for the California radiology technologist, and increase the respect the profession deserves by providing a voice in the state legislature regarding  issues such as patient safety.

CSRT provides a local voice in the California state legislature and in the federal government that would not be heard otherwise. It ensures that the technologists are compensated corresponding to higher standards.  Membership also allows members to have relationships with other technologists around the state providing a local network.