Legislative Update: California Assembly Bill 1092

Thursday, May 28, 2015 04:18 PM

Legislative Update: California Assembly Bill 1092

Recent legislative activity in California includes an Assembly bill, AB 1092, that would require all MRI operators to register with the CDPH and facilities would be required to report any adverse event within 30 days.

The bill was passed out of the Assembly Business and Professions committee on April 28th and sent to the Assembly Appropriations committee with amendments. The original bill introduced would have required licensure in California with MR certification by the ARRT or ARMRIT certifying organizations. Registration fees would have been required of all certified operators and adverse events with severe injury or damage to equipment to be reported within 30 days.

The new amendments have now reduced it to a "registry" for anyone performing MRI in California. The roster would include place of employment, supervisor and any certifications held. Certified Radiologic Technologists would be exempt from any additional fees and only register during renewal, while non-CRT operators would pay a fee imposed by the California Department of Public Health. Adverse events and injury reports must also include any misuse or malfunction of the equipment and facilities would be the one to report, not individual staff.

The most recent activity was on May 13th in the Assembly Appropriations committee, as the bill will incur a cost to the state of California to register personnel and follow adverse event reports. The Appropriations committee referred the bill to the Assembly Suspense file until further notice down the road. Once the budget is discussed and approved the bill may come up again for review and movement if funds are approved to be allocated.

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