Sunday, August 11, 2013 05:07 PM

How much scatter is created from an AP chest x-ray?

By Dennis Bowman
Recently I attended a lecture where an educator’s student had held a CR cassette in front of his chest (he was wearing a full lead apron) while he made an exposure during a PCXR. Although he was a good 10 feet from the patient, the bones in his hand were clearly visible when the cassette was processed. This is what that image looked like!!
Monday, December 24, 2012 05:36 PM

Use and Accuracy of Diagnostic Imaging by Hospital Type in Pediatric Appendicitis

Because pediatric appendicitis is challenging to diagnose, computed tomography (CT) is used frequently. Childhood radiation exposure is associated with increased risk of cancer. Ultrasound avoids radiation exposure but is less sensitive for appendicitis than CT. 

Controlling for referral bias, evaluation at a community compared with a children’s hospital is associated with higher CT and lower ultrasound use before appendectomy. CT and ultrasound accuracy for appendicitis in children varies with hospital type.

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