Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Meet the members of the CSRT! Below are members who have been featured in the CSRT email newsletter, The AleRT, as Members of the Month. Want to join the CSRT community? Click here to become a member. Want to be featured as a Member of the month? Contact CSRT today.

Meet Yaniv!

Yaniv is currently a senior intern at a hospital in San Francisco Bay area.  He currently attends City College of San Francisco, (CCSF) Diagnostic Medical Imaging (DMI) Program.  He has a degree in physiology from San Francisco State University.

He lives in San Francisco, in the Noe Valley neighborhood.  FUN FACT ALERT!  Did you know that St. Paul's Catholic Church, also known as Parroquia De San Pablo is a famous church located in Noe Valley. This church was used in the filming location for the movie Sister Act!

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