Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Meet the members of the CSRT! Below are members who have been featured in the CSRT email newsletter, The AleRT, as Members of the Month. Want to join the CSRT community? Click here to become a member. Want to be featured as a Member of the month? Contact CSRT today.

Meet Amanda!

Amanda is a radiology technology student at Pasadena City College. Her current clinical site is in sunny Southern California. She’s also had the opportunity to rotate to several hospitals in the Los Angeles County area. Although these have been amazing sites to work and learn at, she says she’s a long way from home.  Amanda is originally from Northern California. She says, “I would love to work in the Sacramento area, particularly UC Davis after I graduate in June.” 

FUN FACT ALERT!  Did you know UC Davis was originally established as a University Farm, an extension of UC Berkley?! In fact, UC Davis Veterinary program is the largest and oldest in the United States! They have imaging equipment that includes: digital radiography, fluoroscopy, computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MR), ultrasonography, and nuclear medicine for their furry patients.  

Amanda was introduced to the field of radiology from her father-in-law’s friend. He told her that the imaging field would be an interesting and fulfilling career! So far, she’s very satisfied with her decision. Her favorite thing about this field is the fact that no two cases are ever the same and that each one poses a challenge different than the last.

She says, “I love interacting with patients and trying to be the one bright aspect of their otherwise gloomy day. This gives me the drive to treat every patient with the highest level of patient care. It's receiving compliments and thanks from patients that make this profession so rewarding. 

Amanda joined the CSRT because it is one way of staying educated and up to date with technological advances. She feels it is important to be a member of the CSRT.  She adds, “Anyone who is not a member should join to keep up to date with the changes in the field, and to be actively involved with an organization that supports us."

Amanda would like to thank the CSRT, Pasadena City College and all of my clinical sites for all that they have done to make my leap into the field of radiology a pleasant and rewarding experience!

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