Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Meet the members of the CSRT! Below are members who have been featured in the CSRT email newsletter, The AleRT, as Members of the Month. Want to join the CSRT community? Click here to become a member. Want to be featured as a Member of the month? Contact CSRT today.

Meet Lisa!

Lisa works in Southern California.  She is a multi-modality technologist!  She primarily works in MRI and CT.  She also performs conventional general radiography and mammography. Lisa has always wanted to work in some capacity in the medical field since she was a teenager.  

Lisa lives in Simi Valley. FUN FACT ALERT - given its close proximity to Hollywood, Simi Valley has long been a popular entertainment industry location.  For example, the 1982 hit horror film Poltergeist, was filmed on Roxbury Street in Simi Valley.  In addition, it is the home of the Presidential Library of Ronald Regan.

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