Meet Lisa!

Lisa works in Southern California.  She is a multi-modality technologist!  She primarily works in MRI and CT.  She also performs conventional general radiography and mammography. Lisa has always wanted to work in some capacity in the medical field since she was a teenager.  

Lisa lives in Simi Valley. FUN FACT ALERT - given its close proximity to Hollywood, Simi Valley has long been a popular entertainment industry location.  For example, the 1982 hit horror film Poltergeist, was filmed on Roxbury Street in Simi Valley.  In addition, it is the home of the Presidential Library of Ronald Regan.

Over the last 20 years, Lisa has encountered many patients.  A favorite patient story she has was when she had to perform an MRI on an elderly patient. She said, “ I had to perform an MRI on an elderly inpatient who was very unhappy when he showed up in my department.  He spoke limited English, was in a lot of pain, and had already had a number of diagnostic exams since he had been admitted. I used a translation service to explain to him the MRI exam and how it would be done.  Initially, he was very angry and didn't understand why all these tests were being performed on him.  Somehow I won him over, because he not only agreed to the exam. By the time we were done with the exam, he thanked me and blessed me for being kind to him.  He was calm and even smiling!  It made my day!”

Lisa joined the CSRT because she wanted to take advantage of the continuing education opportunities it provides, as well as supporting her state’s professional society.   

One advice she would like to offer those who want to enter the rewarding profession of medical imaging.  “Do your research about the profession you are interested in; talk to people currently working or training in the field.  They can give you insight into what the job is really all about.  Also, volunteering is another way to see if the field is really for you.  Be flexible, learn whatever you can, and be prepared to work hard.”