Meet Xinhua!

All her friends and colleagues call her Wei. Wei is a recent graduate of City College of San Francisco (CCSF), Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program in San Francisco, California.  She currently works in a Hospital on Northern California.  She has been a radiologic technologist for a year!

Wei became interested in Diagnostic Radiography because of her passion towards photography and science.  She said that this is a perfect fit!  She currently lives in Visitation Valley, a working class neighborhood of San Francisco.   

FUN FACT ALERT!!!  Irish and Italian immigrants who worked in the nearby factories originally settled the area.  During World War II, construction of Navy ships provided much needed aid to assist in the war.  Currently, the neighborhood is primarily made up of ethnic enclaves, which is why Wei loves living in the area.  She says, “Visitation Valley has had a tarnished past, but the neighborhood is being gentrified and being close to different cultures makes living here fascinating!” 

Wei joined the CSRT to connect with her professional organization. As a student, she took advantage of going to the annual conferences where she participated in the student bowl. She thinks the CSRT is a great way to learn more about the imaging profession. She said, “The knowledge you get from going to the CSRT conferences will benefit you in your practice.”