Meet Nav!

Nav has been attending the radiography program at Cal State Northridge for 1½ years. As a student, Nav rotates through a plethora of clinical sites including: UCLA, UCLA Santa Monica, USC, West LA VA, VA Sepulveda, Northridge Hospital, Olive View UCLA, Henry Mayo, Holy Cross, Children’s Hospital, Shriners Children’s, and Valley Presbyterian. 

Nav decided to get into radiology due to a near death accident. During his recovery, he spent a lot of time getting x-rays. The radiologic technologists took great care of him and gave him information about schools in California. Nav likes all the imaging modalities within radiology because they each require a unique skill set to complete the job.

Throughout Nav’s clinical education, he has accumulated many great patient stories. Recovering from his accident was the biggest challenge he has faced in life; he wants to give back his great experience to all the patients he comes in contact with. The feeling he gets from helping someone else makes his day. He treats all patients like they are his favorite.

Nav became a member of the CSRT because he believes it is important to stay involve with your profession and be an advocate for technologists and patients. Nav would like to be a leader in the medical profession and surrounding himself around a great team like the CSRT staff has supported much of his success thus far.

Nav advises non-members to join the CRST because CSRT volunteers work tirelessly to protect the profession. Many uneducated individuals do not understand the education and training radiologic technologists must endure in order to become competent in operating these potentially dangerous radiographic machines. Without the correct and in depth education and understanding of proper radiation protection, many other "professionals" are being given the authority to perform the duties of radiologic technologists. This poses a great threat to patient and personnel safety. The CSRT has been fighting these motions for years and continues to affirm that radiologic technologists are professionals. As a student member, the CSRT also provides many scholarship opportunities and networking.

Nav’s drive to become a compassionate professional in the field of radiology is absolutely inspring. Join Nav and be a part of the CSRT community today!