Scientific Display

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Annual Conference Scientific Display Competition. Below you will find the competition guidelines and application process. Failure to comply with the competition rules will be grounds for disqualification.

Please read the rules governing the competition guidelines thoroughly and submit the application below no later than 11:59pm September 20, 2019.

Scientific Display Awards

First place $300.00
Second place $200.00
Third place $100.00


  1. Provide an opportunity to radiologic science students, enrolled in approved California schools, to participate in the professional society.
  2. Provide a monetary award for creativity while learning and educating the public of topics related to radiologic sciences.
  3. Gain recognition of CSRT within the State of California as a leader in radiologic technology education.
  4. Promote student interest and motivation in CSRT.

Student Eligibility Criteria (applies to each student):

  1. A CSRT member or applying for membership at the time of application (visit to become a member).
  2. Enrolled full-time RT student in a California Department of Public Health approved and JRCERT recognized education program of Radiologic Sciences.
  3. All participants may submit only one exhibit at an annual conference.
  4. No more than three participants per exhibit.
  5. Responsible for requesting his/her own student application forms (one application per display)

Exhibit Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Former awarded exhibit may not be re-submitted.
  2. Exhibit may not have been displayed previously at a CSRT annual conference.
  3. Displays must be the original work of the exhibitor and may not have been commercially prepared. Courtesy recognition will not be allowed.
  4. Proof of referencing must be provided on the display. Adequate referencing is required to avoid any copyright infringement or plagiarism. Projects that fail to submit appropriate referencing will be disqualified.
  5. The author's name(s) and institution must not appear any place on the exhibit (this would include faculty/student photos, institution logos or pictures, etc.). If slides or illustrations are used, the names of the institution, logos, faculty/student photos, etc., or any identifying marks must not appear in the exhibit.
  6. Exhibits in their entirety must fit in a 6’ X 4’ table that will be provided by the CSRT. Electrical power will not be provided.
  7. Exhibits must be turned in during the registration time of the annual conference and picked up when the conference adjourns.
  8. Exhibits will be displayed by 7:45AM the day of the conference and removed when the conference has adjourned. Scientific displays that are left behind will be discarded.

Grant Procedures:

  1. Complete the online application below no later than 11:59pm September 20, 2019
  2. The Board reserves the right to perform the selection procedures or assign the duties to the Education Committee.
  3. The winning recipients will be announced and given the award at the Annual Conference. The winner, or at least one person from the winning group must be present in order to receive the monetary award.

Annual Conference Scientific Display Award Application

I/We acknowledge and comprehend the requirements governing this award. I/We fully attest that the scientific display submitted is solely mine/ours and was not prepared by another individual, nor was it prepared commercially.