California Legislation

The CSRT Legislative Committee tracks and reports on legislative activity relative to the medical imaging profession. Committee members attend committee meetings at the Capitol or the biannual Radiologic Technology Certification Committee (RTCC) meetings to represent the CSRT and member interests. 


Latest Legislative Updates

5/1/2017 - California RTs Call to Action: Oppose AB 387

The California Society of Radiologic Technologists opposes the enactment of Assembly Bill 387 and urges all California R.T.s to contact their state lawmakers to voice their opposition to this bill. Assembly Bill 387 would require health care entities to pay allied health students minimum wage for time spent in clinical or experiential training that is required for state licensure. AB 387 fails to recognize that for patient care-related training programs, myriad state and federal laws prohibit students from providing unsupervised care. Because they are in training, these students are not lawfully permitted to deliver care except within strict supervision requirements. They are not employees, and the cost of treating them as such could have the adverse consequence of reducing students’ opportunities to benefit from hospital-provided training and clinical experience, as well as exacerbating workforce shortages.

California Assembly Bill 387 is moving to the appropriations committee where the financial cost of the bill will be determined. A hearing is scheduled for May 3 at 9:00 a.m. in state capitol room 4202. Your action is needed now to send an email to your lawmaker in opposition to AB 387.

Many programs may close if this bill is enacted due to the prohibitive cost. Students are aware of this issue and most are opposing this bill because they don't want their programs to shut down or the quality of their education to be affected by this bill.

Visit the California Advocacy Action Center page to learn more



  1. Send an email to your state assemblymember and ask him or her to oppose AB 387.
  2. If your lawmaker is a member of the Committee on Appropriations please make an extra effort and call him or her today to voice your opposition.


11/6/2016 - CSRT Legislative Update Nov. 2016 [Video]




The CSRT is proud to have been selected as the 2010 and 2015 affiliate society winner of the ASRT Award for Outstanding Grass-roots Advocacy, which recognizes and acknowledges outstanding grass-roots advocacy efforts on behalf of the radiologic science community.

CSRT Past President Lorenza Clausen, RT(R)(CT)(MR), CRT was also selected as the individual winner of this award in 2010. 

Pictured above, Lorenza Clausen and Anita Slechta accept the 2015 ASRT Award for Outstanding Grass-roots Advocacy on behalf of the CSRT at Albuquerque Convention Center.